Manager education sessions

Making it
easier for managers

If you’re a manager trying to do the best by your team and the parents you work with – we can help.

We can equip you with techniques and strategies that will help you to help working parents manage their responsibilities at work and at home, successfully.

Our short and focussed sessions will build on the skills you already have to help you manage your team more effectively.

During the session you’ll:

  • Talk openly with other managers and share strategies to address the challenges of managing working parents

  • Increase your understanding of the difficulties commonly faced by working parents and understand the keys to ‘making it all work’
  • Develop practical tools to support working parents more confidently

Helping working parents to manage their dual roles will benefit your business as well as your team. When working parents are supported to successfully manage their responsibilities at work and at home –their productivity in both areas is improved.


The benefits for organisations
The benefits for parents

Enthusiastic and committed managers who take their management responsibilities seriously and organisations whose management and appraisal structures promote these important management models – are best placed to bring on talented women.

Women’s Business Council UK, 2014


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