Short courses for working parents

Short courses
for working

Our short courses help working parents manage the demands on their time, focus on their personal priorities and become conscious of the decisions and choices they make.

For working mums

In these sessions we help working mothers get to the heart of what is most important for them to succeed at work and at home.

We help mums:

  • identify what their own personal success looks
  • feel confident making the decisions that support their personal vision of success
  • connect with a like-minded group of women with similar paths and choices in order to share tips and success strategies

For working mums and dads

In these sessions we encourage parents to share the issues and challenges to be shared from both sides of the fence.

We help parents:

  • gain perspective – understand what parenting is like from the other side

  • discuss the challenges of balancing work and family from both the perspective of fathers and mothers
  • understand different approaches to and solutions for combining work and family

For everyone

These sessions help participants:

  • clarify what’s most important to them and what success looks like to them in all aspects of their lives
  • decide how to make choices in line with the priorities identified
  • be aware of what they need to do to keep their satisfaction and productivity up and their stress levels down


The benefits for organisations
The benefits for parents

It’s been reassuring to hear from other mums with older children to see how they have managed and ‘survived’. Not having to ‘recreate the wheel’ and finding we can learn from their wisdom and experience.

Manager, KPMG


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