Commitment, comfort
and confidence

Real results for parents

Increased confidence and competence to manage work and family life – plus a greater commitment to their organisation for supporting them – are just some of the benefits highlighted by our programme participants.

Ability and competence

We help you to build personal strategies to manage your responsibilities at home and at work. This includes developing an awareness of your choices and priorities, resulting in more confidence.

We’ve found that parents with the support and strategies to manage the two important parts of their lives, feel more competent and are better able to manage both.

A support network in your organisation

Talking to and working with other working parents is liberating and enlightening. Sharing ideas and solutions with others in a similar situation is incredibly powerful. And the best part, once established, you and the other working mums and dads you connect with can continue that support.

That network is inspirational for you and your colleagues, as well as other people in your organisation that may be considering a family, and wondering what it might mean to their career aspirations.

Results for parents

I feel that with the skills I have learned i.e. improved communication and interaction with others, I will be a much more effective employee. I feel so much happier and more relaxed as the programme has really minimised my guilt.

Manager, TAL

Clarity and career progression

We work with you to clarify your aspirations and help you map a plan to get where you want to be.

Our process helps to validate your decision to be a working parent and focus on the next steps in your career.

Less stress, more motivation

More energy and less stress tends to comes as a result of managing your self-expectations, clearly communicating your needs and finding support from you colleagues and employers.